Cocktail Hour

Coastal Cocktail Hour: Grapefruit and Lime Refresher

Photos By Tawni Eakman

Savor the last days of summer and sail away into cocktail heaven with this refreshing tipple created by Alexandra Hamilton, owner of Willow & Ivy, a boutique event planning and design studio based in Seattle. “The fresh grapefruit and lime juices bring a light, summery note, while the ginger-rosemary simple syrup adds an earthy, tempered finish,” Alexandra says. “Not only is this cocktail delicious, but its pretty ombré appearance makes it perfect for entertaining guests.” Captured by photographer Tawni Eakman, Alexandra’s cocktail stylings reveal her love of vibrant colors, give a nod to the area’s maritime heritage, and showcase why this sweetly layered sip would be the star of any estival get-together.

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Deedledee’s Guinness Frappe

In tribute to St. Patrick’s Day, New Hampshire-based photographer Meg Hamilton shares a playful heirloom recipe for Guinness-spiked milkshakes—or frappes, as they’re called by New Englanders. It was handed down by her beloved grandfather, an Irish-born welder from Massachusetts who used to whip up these coffee-flavored treats in celebration of the religious feast day and as a nod to his native roots...

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Let Love Sparkle: Signature Cocktails that Shimmer and Cava Place Cards with Freixenet

Photos By Abby Jiu

What better way to celebrate a joyous union than with a beautiful bubbly borne of a great love story? At the start of the 20th century, Dolores Sala, the only daughter of a Catalan winemaking family based in the tiny viticultural town of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, fell in love with Pedro “Freixenet” Ferrer, the youngest son of another local winegrowing household. Their marriage forever united two well-respected wine lineages and marked the start of an enduring enterprise. Dolores, ahead of her time in her detailed knowledge of oenology, and Pedro, an effervescent entrepreneur, made an unstoppable pair. Together, the dynamic duo seized upon an opportunity in Spanish sparkling wines and became known for their flavorful cavas, made in the classic méthode champenoise tradition and christened after Pedro’s nickname. Today, Freixenet is run by Dolores and Pedro’s children and grandchildren. The grapes that go into its time-tested wines are still picked by hand.

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Signature Cocktail #47: Pineapple and Tangerine Whiskey Vermouth

This cocktail is a study in delicate balance, with the sweetness of pineapple juice perfectly offset by the bright tartness of tangerine. Whiskey and dry vermouth, an interestingly compatible pair, further cut the sweet notes...

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Signature Cocktail #46: Spiced Wine

As far as Christmas cocktails go, it’s virtually impossible to go wrong with classic mulled wine. In aroma and in taste, it’s the holidays in a cup! Healthfully Ever After’s version features the perfect blend of spices and replaces refined sugar with honey...

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Signature Cocktail #45: Spiced Butternut Whiskey Drop

It’s easy to get your veggies on when they come with a buzz! Developed by nutritionist Carlene Thomas, today’s cocktail mixes a winter pantry staple—butternut squash—with a splash of bourbon whiskey and a festive simple syrup infused with fragrant vanilla and holiday spices...

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