Signature Cocktail #35: Extra Veggie Bloody Mary

Chances are your Fourth of July fare will include an assortment of delicious all-American dishes. But unless you count burger toppings, vegetables won’t be making an appearance on that checkered tablecloth. Make up for it the easy way with this veggie-overloaded Bloody Mary. Read on to learn how Carlene Thomas, our wedding wellness expert, gave this often bland beverage a little spunk and a lot of layered flavors...

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Signature Cocktail #33: Spiked Pink Velvet Cake Milkshake

Ah, red velvet cake! Like many great things, its beginnings remain shrouded in mystery. Some argue that it made its debut at the Waldorf Astoria in the 1930s. Others claim its origins can be traced to the Civil War–era South. Whatever the case, no one can deny its meteoric popularity, which has been on the rise since it starred in the most memorable groom’s cake of all time—the bloody armadillo confection in the biggest tearjerker of 1989—Southern classic Steel Magnolias. It was only a matter of time before our resident cocktailian, Carlene Thomas, developed a drinkable version of this beloved dessert. Her nutritionist’s sensibilities come into play with the use of non-fat Greek yogurt and organic beet powder to achieve completely dye-free coloring that’s more pink than deep, dark red...

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Signature Cocktail #30: Spring Beet

The humble, earthy beet might seem like an unlikely cocktail ingredient, but leave it to wedding wellness expert Carlene Thomas, a nutritionist with a knack for mixology, to unearth the libational potential of this lowly root veggie. Here, she shares the recipe for a beautifully colored beet tipple with a gingery kick...

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