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Metallics and Marble: A Moody Industrial Wedding Shoot at Florida’s Artisan Alley Garage

Photos By Jessica Connery

Metallics and marble reach the height of their moment in this dreamily dark shoot, a creative collaboration between a team of like-minded wedding vendors at one of Florida’s freshest, most versatile venues: Artisan Alley Garage, which boasts more than five thousand square feet of open, industrial space converted from a 1920s warehouse in the heart of DeLand, Florida’s historic entertainment district. Deep, daring reds play against muted greens and steely grays, while modern shapes and materials mingle with dramatic dashes of classic glamour, creating a seductively original eventscape that feels at once timeless and contemporary...

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A Merry Mid-Century Modern Christmas: Holiday Entertaining Ideas with a Retro Twist

Photos By Tara Whittaker

In today’s cozily retro shoot, Canadian photographer Tara Whittaker shares five ideas for hosting a sleekly understated holiday celebration with a mid-century modern twist. Tara was inspired by one of her newlywed clients, Ashley, who has a penchant for the furnishings of Herman Miller. “I thought it would be fun to give Ashley and her husband, Mark, some fresh entertaining ideas for their first Christmas morning as a married couple,” Tara says. “These ideas are simple yet festive—ideal for busy couples who might be short on time and entertaining space. In staying true to the minimalism of mid-mod style, we kept the palette neutral, using white, wood grains, lots of fresh greenery, and the tiniest pop of holly-berry red.”

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Meet Me in Morocco: A Vibrant Garden Party Inspired by North Africa’s Gem

Photos By Jenni Grace

Pittsburgh-based event designer Melissa Crawford brought the multifaceted vibrancy of Morocco to her own backyard in this lushly layered garden party shoot, its many splendors crystallized through photographer Jenni Grace’s lens. “One might have looked at my garden a few weeks back and been completely overwhelmed by its overgrown, junglelike appearance, but all I could see was potential,” Melissa says. “I knew that with a little love and a lot of sweat, it could be transformed into something incredible. So when Jenni and I decided that our next photography workshop would have a Moroccan theme, I knew this magical little outdoor space would be the perfect setting.” Using bold colors, variegated textures, intricate patterns, and the alluring gleam of lantern light, Melissa and her creative team transformed the tangle of greenery into a warm, inviting oasis that beckoned like the jewel of North Africa.

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Southwestern Spirit: A Fresh and Vibrant Wedding Shoot at the Arizona Inn

Photos By LKM Studios

In its choice of locale and details, today’s nuptial shoot embraces the vibrant spirit of the Southwest. Captured through Laura K. Moore’s lens, the scene was set in Tucson at the historic Arizona Inn, a casita-style gem built in 1930 by Arizona’s first congresswoman, Isabella Greenway, who envisioned a desert oasis that lured vacationers with a promise of “privacy, quiet, and sunshine.” “We were inspired by the inn’s stuccoed masonry and cobalt-blue accents,” Laura says. “The palette was lively yet classy.” The setting’s sun-warmed colors were reflected in the punchy pink florals—think bright bougainvillea and fuchsia garden roses—and cerulean glassware. Geometric shapes added contemporary appeal, and tequila toasts offered a fresh twist on the traditional champagne salute...

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Burgundy and Blue: A Wintry Wedding Shoot at the Flying V Ranch

Photos By Rebecca Ellison Photography

Texas may not be known for its snowfalls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel the season’s warm colors and cozy charms if you’re getting hitched in the Lone Star State come cooler months, as Dallas-based photographer Rebecca Ellison proves so beautifully through today’s shoot. Jewel-box hues, candlelit vignettes, and cotton bolls—the South’s version of snow—lend a brumal vibe in the absence of a true winterscape. “I love the combination of deep burgundy and blue,” Rebecca says. “It’s a chic and contemporary pairing, but I feel like it will stand the test of time. The colors bring so much richness and vibrance to the photos. A dash of gold ties everything together.” The shoot was set in Decatur at the Flying V Ranch, a family-owned cattle ranch whose 450 rolling acres are home to a tin-clad barn, a century-old bride’s house, and an outdoor ceremony site that features white-painted antique pews and a nature-made altar consisting of two intertwined oaks...

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Stairway to Matrimony: A Playfully Edgy Wedding Shoot Inspired by Classic Rock

Photos By MacKensey Alexander

Leave it to the nuptial visionaries behind Savannah, Georgia’s Ivory & Beau—a bridal boutique, floral studio, and wedding design company magically rolled into one party-planning powerhouse—to strike the right note with an edgily playful wedding shoot inspired by classic rock. “The idea took root after a night out with friends at a recording studio,” says Adrienna McDermott, co-owner of Ivory & Beau. “We wanted to turn a nontraditional venue into a unique wedding spot with a cool, inviting vibe in the spirit of great music.” The Garage was just what she and her team had in mind. Like Ivory & Beau, it, too, is a one-stop shop. Built from scratch in 2014, the multipurpose studio serves artists of all mediums, whether they’re musicians seeking recording and rehearsal space or wedding designers in search of a fresh site for private events...

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