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Free Printable #31: Calligraphed Chair Signs

Featuring Susan Brand’s charming calligraphy framed by hand-drawn foliage in black and white, these circular sweetheart chair signs have an invitingly simple look sure to delight those whose design sensibilities tend toward the naturally minimalist. Use them as is, beautifully unadorned, or wreath them with greenery for a more verdant presentation...

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Free Printable #30: Reserved Seating Signs

Ensure that your most honored guests—family members and attendants—get the best seats in the house with designer Susan Brand’s latest free printable: easy and elegant reserved seating signs. Featuring flowered corners and flowy calligraphy, these day-of directives accomplish the task beautifully...

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Free Printable #29: Floral Alphabet Bunting

Welcome guests to a garden gathering (or any outdoor celebration, really) with designer Susan Brand’s spring-fresh floral bunting. Every letter of the alphabet is included in the printable, so you can create your own wording...

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Free Printable #28: Watercolor Thank-You Tags

Add a finishing flourish to your wedding favors with designer Susan Brand’s watercolor thank-you tags. Pick from a painterly array of six different colors and lettering styles...

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Free Printable #27: Floral Watercolor Vow Cards

Planning on reciting self-written vows? Even if you’ve been blessed with the memory of an elephant or speaking chops that rival those of a seasoned orator, wedding-day jitters can make anyone flub or forget their lines, so cue cards are a must! Skip the schoolish likes of index cards or pieces of notebook paper pulled crumpled from pockets and opt for something more stylish with these his-and-hers printables, hand-painted by designer and watercolorist Susan Brand to turn your words of devotion into frame-worthy paper keepsakes...

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Free Printable #26: Watercolor Floral Thank-You Cards with Lined Envelopes

Handwritten communications may have long ago been left in the dust of the digital age, but there are still some occasions that demand putting pen to paper, and inscribing thank-you letters to wedding guests is one of those times, no ifs or buts about it. Luckily, even cash-strapped couples can craft fancy-looking notes of gratitude with designer Susan Brand’s latest free printable: hand-painted floral thank-you cards that come with corresponding liners and a handy envelope template...

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