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Free Printable #13: Wedding Party Invitation Cards

You’re engaged! Now it’s time to pop the question (of joining your wedding party, that is) to your besties. Ask them in style with these charmingly sweet and simple hand-lettered cards, created by the ever-talented Susan Brand...

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Free Printable #12: Watercolor Cheese Markers

While fromage fanciers can often easily identify the various hunks and wheels of curded tastiness by sight alone, cheese novices might need a little help. Both functional and decorative, labels serve a dual purpose—they help your partygoers distinguish between, say, camembert and brie while simultaneously prettifying your presentation, making them a must for any cheese table. Created by our go-to graphic designer, Susan Brand of Susan Brand Design, today’s free printable includes labels for 12 different popular cheeses, including cheddar, chevin, cotija, camembert, gouda, parmesan, mozzarella, taleggio, roquefort, blue cheese, feta, and emmental. Nutty, earthy, salty, or mild—we’ve got you covered! The watercolor flourish and fluid script are a beautiful counterpoint to the heartiness of the cheese...

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Free Printable #11: Homespun Cake Toppers

Your cake topper shouldn’t be an afterthought, even if you can’t shell out the kind of dough needed for fancy figurines. What these homespun alternatives from Susan Brand Design lack in expense, they more than make up for in charm. For the best effect, use them as shown atop simple, rustic-looking cakes...

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Free Printable #10: Homemade Envelopes and Liners

Envelopes set the tone for the contents tucked inside. Make a beautiful first impression with these handmade envelopes and liners, created by designer Susan Brand. Bright chevrons and stripes lend a playfully modern edge to the hominess of kraft paper...

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Free Printable #9: Chalkboard Placemats

Photos By Susan Brand

Forget fancy chargers and tablecloths! These charming chalkboard-themed placemats, designed just for our readers by graphic designer Susan Brand, are an easy and thrifty way to prettify your place settings, especially if you’re envisioning a rustic or natural-looking tablescape that features exposed wood...

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Free Printable #8: Olive Tree Gift Tags

What’s better than an edible favor, you ask? A living favor, we say! The long-lived olive tree, an ancient symbol of peace, hope, light, and good health, makes a beautifully thoughtful green gift for your guests if your wedding happens to be an intimate gathering with only those nearest and dearest to you in attendance. If your big day is a grand affair and the sheer size of the guest list precludes the practicality of purchasing a tree for every attendee, considering giving one to each of your bridesmaids, or bookmark the idea for an anniversary or a housewarming. These sweetly simple hand-lettered and hand-illustrated tags, which include care instructions on the back, are perfect for dressing up your olive tree for gifting...

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