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Free Printable #17: Ombré Watercolor Table Numbers

Give your tabletops a painterly pop with these eye-catching watercolor table numbers, created by graphic designer and illustrator Susan Brand. The tent-style design means that the numbers can be viewed from both sides, making it easier for guests to find their seats. Pair these paper pretties with colorful blooms on bare wood tables for a beautiful blend of earthy and bright...

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Free Printable #16: Olive Branch Placemat

Before digging in to dinner, give a little nod of appreciation to your guests with these thank-you placemats, designed and lettered by Susan Brand. If olive branches aren’t your thing, take a peek at this chalkboard-themed alternative...

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Free Printable #15: Watercolor Thumbprint Tree Guest Book

Graphic designer and illustrator Susan Brand is something of a wizard with watercolors, and this beautiful printable speaks to her talents. Thumbprint trees have long been a much-loved alternative to traditional guest books, and it’s easy to see why. Guests “leaf” their love, and the happy couple is left with a hangable work of art!

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Free Printable #14: Calligraphed Seating Poster

The warm, convivial atmosphere and sentiment of unity generated by non-fixed seating arrangements have made them de rigueur at weddings, especially small, informal gatherings with short guest lists. The ubiquitous “pick a seat, not a side” signs are a testament to this trend. In most cases, the popular phrase is painted on a rustic wooden sign. To add variation and refinement, graphic designer Susan Brand created an assortment of elegantly hand-lettered posters bearing the in-demand seating message...

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Free Printable #13: Wedding Party Invitation Cards

You’re engaged! Now it’s time to pop the question (of joining your wedding party, that is) to your besties. Ask them in style with these charmingly sweet and simple hand-lettered cards, created by the ever-talented Susan Brand...

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Free Printable #12: Watercolor Cheese Markers

While fromage fanciers can often easily identify the various hunks and wheels of curded tastiness by sight alone, cheese novices might need a little help. Both functional and decorative, labels serve a dual purpose—they help your partygoers distinguish between, say, camembert and brie while simultaneously prettifying your presentation, making them a must for any cheese table. Created by our go-to graphic designer, Susan Brand of Susan Brand Design, today’s free printable includes labels for 12 different popular cheeses, including cheddar, chevin, cotija, camembert, gouda, parmesan, mozzarella, taleggio, roquefort, blue cheese, feta, and emmental. Nutty, earthy, salty, or mild—we’ve got you covered! The watercolor flourish and fluid script are a beautiful counterpoint to the heartiness of the cheese...

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